And welcome to Hotel Ristorante Allegria Udine. Yes, because, here for centuries the joy of living, high spirits, good drinking and excellent food have never been missing. Following a complete renovation of the century building on the site of the old restaurant, the Hotel Ristorante Allegria Udine reopened in March 2006 and is located in the city center.

The environments are modern and bright, highlighted by a family atmosphere typical of the Friulian tradition handed down for decades by Innocente family The Hotel is open all year and offers the services as an hotel of superior category. Into our excellent restaurant, also open to outside guests, in addition to a monthly menu of meat and fish, you can taste the traditional dishes of Friuli.

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Follow our initiatives and special offers. You will find interesting information for your trip, all the information on the seasonal menu of our restaurant and much more…

  • Winter Menu 2016

    Winter Menu 2016

    During this season the dishes served in our restaurant are as follows:

    Cold Meats Mixed Assortment
    “Coradazzi” San Daniele Raw Ham
    File e Daspe, Boiled Potatoes with Cheese Sauce
    Nerves Salad with Onion and Pureed of Cannellini Beans

    Summer Menu 2016 (pt 2)

    Summer Menu 2016 (pt 2)

    Last taste of this summer:

    Cold Meats Mixed Assortment
    “Coradazzi” San Daniele Raw Ham
    Compote of Tomatoes and Eggplant on Rocket Salad
    Potato Tuile and Porcini Mushrooms Sautéed
    Flan of Gorgonzola Cheese with Celery, Almond and Lemon
    Zuf: Pampkin Soup with[…]

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On holiday or for work, if you travel to Udine may also be interested in our special offers. For yourself or as a gift idea, our offerings aim to make you spend an unforgettable stay.

  • Bids - Make your offer ...

    Bids – Make your offer …

    Yes .. You got that right! From today, the Allegria Hotel participates in the program Bids – Make your offer … You have decided to book a romantic weekend but[…]

    Gift Idea - Dinner Pass

    Gift Idea – Dinner Pass

    It will happen to everyone, a birthday, Mother’s Day or an anniversary, and now what we give?

    Exit from the banality and indecision, offers a lunch or a dinner dedicated[…]

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